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Cabo Verdeans United (CVU) was founded in 2001 by two sisters, Genie Lomba and Tila Adams. The sisters were born on the island of Brava, Cabo Verde and emigrated to the United States as teenagers. It was important to Genie and Tila to involve themselves in an organization to create a positive impact on the youth growing up in Cabo Verde.


After forming CVU, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, they embarked on their first initiative, PROJECT SANDBOX, with the mission of building a playground on each of the nine islands of Cabo Verde. The two sisters firmly believe that every child in Cabo Verde deserves to have a safe place to play, to learn and to develop important social and cognitive skills.


Over the years, a team of committed members, volunteers and supporters worked tirelessly to ensure that CVU meets its mission. To date, we have successfully built playgrounds on each of the islands., thereby achieving our initial objectives. Today, it's evident that having just one playground per island falls short of meeting the needs of numerous underserved communities in Cabo Verde. This realization fuels our ongoing mission and dedication to constructing more playgrounds. To date, we've successfully built a total of 23 structures.


We invite you to join us in our mission to bring joy to the children of Cabo Verde islands! Every contribution matter; every dollar raised directly supports our cause. Our team operates entirely on a voluntary basis, ensuring that 100% of all proceeds and donations are allocated towards purchasing, shipping, and building the playgrounds.



To empower the people of Cabo Verde by providing knowledge and tools to achieve social, environmental, and economic sustainability.


To create a future where the people of Cabo Verde can prosper to their greatest potential.


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